The groundbreaking Aspen RxHealth system creates work opportunities for pharmacists interested in using their clinical expertise and makes it easy for them to engage in patient care services.

It’s a first-of-its-kind clinical documentation tool for pharmacists focused on services ranging from  Comprehensive Medication Reviews to more specific Targeted Medication Interventions.

With a user-centered design that informs the clinical workflow, the app provides pharmacists with an exceptional user experience and tools for simplifying documentation. But it’s what’s under the hood that makes Aspen RxHealth revolutionary.

An advanced clinical decision support engine assists with identifying the most relevant patient care interventions to focus on. At the same time, a matching algorithm automatically aligns pharmacist-specific demographics and clinical attributes with those of patients in need of assistance. The result is a powerful platform for managing an on-demand workforce that covers all aspects of the engagement, including direct-to-pharmacist payment for services.

How the Platform Works

The Aspen RxHealth platform enables licensed pharmacists in good standing to pay a registration fee and join the community. Health plans and other providers engage Aspen RxHealth for clinical services, and pharmacists are paid directly for their expertise.

The intuitive design of the app allows the pharmacist to focus solely on meeting the needs of each patient they speak with. Aspen RxHealth handles all other administrative tasks related to supporting the pharmacist and patient.

The Power of Positive Interactions

High-quality interactions with patients are an essential element of the Aspen RxHealth program. Following a call, patients receive a letter recapping their conversation with the pharmacist and documenting the recommendations that were provided.

Patients also receive a post-call survey and are encouraged to rate their pharmacist. Pharmacists not meeting high quality standards as indicated by survey responses are coached in best-practices to improve the quality of the patient interaction.

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