The team at Aspen RxHealth understands that in order to create real change we must think differently.

Our mission is simple: to enable the most responsive community of pharmacists that will deliver unsurpassed outcomes for patients and their families.


Aspen RxHealth leverages advanced technology and a crowd-sourcing approach to address the clinical needs of patients and provide Medication Therapy Management (MTM)-related services. Not only does the platform empower health plans to operate more efficiently, it also enables them to deliver patient care more effectively, with benefits that include the ability to:

  • Reach more patients
  • Ensure patients get high-quality care from highly rated pharmacists
  • Partner to further innovate pharmacy practice
  • Increase the return on their investment in MTM outreach

The system’s clinical decision support engine allows for customized health plan logic contract-to-contract and for different books of business while supporting Medicare Star Rating measures. Plus, its CMS-compliant data reporting and on-demand access to daily operational reports provide the transparency that health plans expect when outsourcing critical patient interactions.

Enabling More Personal Patient Care

In addition to the many business benefits Aspen RxHealth provides, the platform also has features designed to make patient care more personal. The system’s matching algorithm connects pharmacists to patients in their area of interest or specialization, allowing the provider to share very specific and helpful insights regarding the patient’s medication regimen.

Pharmacists are also paired, when possible, with patients in their geographic region. Not only does this make it easier for the providers to develop a rapport with the people they are speaking with, it also supports some state-level requirements and may enable face-to-face interaction opportunities for hard-to-reach patients in the near future.

The result is a next-generation approach that succeeds on multiple levels. Health plans operate more efficiently, pharmacists have new opportunities to use their skills and earn extra income, and patients get exceptional care in a timely manner.

One of the keys to success in the business of healthcare is innovation. Learn about the unique functionality that sets Aspen RxHealth apart

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