Aspen RxHealth is a revolutionary service that bridges the gap between pharmacists who want an opportunity to practice at the top of their license and patients who need medication management services. In doing so, the platform enables a more engaged, holistic relationship between pharmacist and patient.

The intelligent app opens up an entirely new “gig economy” for pharmacists and makes it easy for health plans to leverage the skills of thousands of pharmacist experts who are home at any given time.

With Aspen RxHealth, plans can:

  • Scale their outreach efforts
  • Provide high-quality patient interactions
  • Meet patient needs more quickly
  • Get a better return on their MTM outreach investment

Why "Aspen" ?

We’re frequently asked about the origin of our company name. While the beauty of Aspen trees might be reason enough to use that label, our selection was actually based on the species being a symbolic representation of our platform.

Aspen trees share a common root system growing in colonies.

Aspen RxHealth develops technology that connects our community of pharmacists.

Aspen trees cannot grow under the canopy of other trees.

Aspen RxHealth removes the barriers that currently exist for pharmacists to engage in direct patient care services.

Aspen trees are used to reforest devastated areas because of the nourishment provided to fauna.

Aspen RxHealth pharmacists empower patients with the information and action plans they need to achieve optimal outcomes from their medications.

Meet the Aspen RxHealth Team
You can tell a lot about a company, and its product, by getting to know the people behind it. Here are some insights from the creative minds driving the evolution of pharmacist-patient communication and care.

David Medvedeff

Chief executive officer

Kim Russo

SVP clinical services

Leah Carden

Chief financial officer

Wuhong Li

Chief technology officer

Brad Tice

SVP pharmacy practice