The Future is Calling.

Having a meaningful impact on the lives of patients begins and ends with a reassuring voice. Empowering pharmacists with the most powerful tools to support these conversations is where Aspen RxHealth shines. We are not hindered by legacy platforms, outdated workflows or antiquated thinking.


The team at Aspen RxHealth understands that in order to create real change we must think differently. Our mission is simple: to enable the most responsive community of pharmacists that will deliver unsurpassed outcomes for patients and their families.

An innovative approach.

We don’t think of pharmacy practice in terms of the number of corner drug stores or centralized call centers. We simply think of pharmacists—anywhere at any time working as a community serving those in need.


Every patient is unique and so is every pharmacist. At Aspen RxHealth we leverage these individual characteristics to optimize patient-pharmacist communication and enhance the experience for everyone involved.

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An opportunity to connect pharmacists with patients like never before.

Today is a challenging time in healthcare. Patients are taking more medications, with greater complexities and with more expenses than ever before. Pharmacies have made tremendous advancements in workflow automation, compliance packaging and delivery services, but there still seems to be a problem.


So, what’s missing? The answer is reestablishing the patient-pharmacist relationship in ways that were never before possible. That’s where Aspen RxHealth comes in.

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So, what’s with the name Aspen RxHealth?

Aspen trees share a common root system growing in colonies.

Aspen RxHealth develops technology that connects our community of pharmacists.

Aspen trees cannot grow under the canopy of other trees.

Aspen RxHealth removes the barriers that currently exist for pharmacists to engage in direct patient care services.

Aspen trees are used to reforest devastated areas because of the nourishment provided to fauna.

Aspen RxHealth pharmacists empower patients with the information and action plans they need to achieve the optimal outcomes from their medications.

Meet the people who make it all possible.

David Medvedeff

Chief Executive Officer

Kim Russo

SVP Clinical Services

Leah Carden

Chief Financial Officer

Wuhong Li

Chief Technology Officer

Brad Tice

SVP Pharmacy Practice

The latest

Aspen RxHealth Launches Next Generation Technology to Support Pharmacists in Delivering Unsurpassed Outcomes for Patients

Company raises $9 million Series A to build its world class team and accelerate the implementation TAMPA, FLA. — December 12, 2018…

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Connecting treatment with technology.

Whether you’re a pharmacist interested in practicing at the top of your license or a health plan wanting to learn about how to access our community of pharmacists, Aspen RxHealth brings new opportunities for your patient-pharmacist relationships.